Our philosophy

The Emzi essence

"At Emzi Paris, our passion stems from the deep conviction that every pair of shoes should transcend the ordinary.
We believe in the transformative power of footwear, which goes beyond style to reveal the unique essence of those who wear them.
Our commitment is based on the notion that each step should carry confidence, authenticity, and a personal history.
Min Zhou, founder of Emzi Paris

The source of our essence

This conviction takes root in a time when shoe making was a craft tradition, where each pair was unique, shaped by skilled hands. A time that, over time, underwent a radical evolution: industrialization.

Eroding gradually the individual differentiation brought by the traditional craftman, to make way for standardization.

We make the conscious choice to return to these artisanal roots, working exclusively with artisans who have been working for generations, to preserve the individuality that mass production has lost.

Why are we doing this ?
How do we do it ?
Produce where it makes sense

Always starting from the same starting point: expertise and the country or region historically associated with this expertise, to find the best workshop to craft our shoes. And respecting the ecosystem in which it is located, by sourcing raw materials close to the workshop, as our ancestors did.

Favouring family craftsmanship

We have chosen to work exclusively with small family workshops, which have been handcrafting shoes for more than 2 generations and are based in Spain and Italy. Each workshop is selected for one or more specialties.

Promoting exceptional know-how

Manufacturing our shoes in these family workshops in Europe, still working by hand, contributes to the preservation of recognized craftsmanship. Each pair you wear not only embodies excellence but also supports fair compensation for these passionate artisans.

Exploring timelessness

Developing shoes outside of trends, which are made to be worn. Timeless pieces that will become part of you and your everyday life. Made with noble and durable materials over time.

Embodying "smart elegance"

Creating strong, elegant, and comfortable pieces that will give you confidence and add a touch of character to your looks.

Making luxury accessible

We apply a margin lower than the market average and sell directly to offer you artisanal shoes made with premium leather at a fair price, throughout the year.

Staying Petite-Friendly

Because embracing one's true self transcends size, we ensure that all our shoes are designed to accommodate all feet, including the smallest sizes, starting from size 33.

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