Alicante workshop, Spain


The province of Alicante, in the south-east of Spain. An Edenic region, on the Mediterranean coast, the heart of shoe making for almost 2 centuries. The perfect place to find inspiration and make our shoes.



« There are two important criteria when I am looking for a partner workshop, the know-how and the people behind ».

Juan’s workshop was founded in 1986 by three passionate friends, and like many other workshops nearby, it is specialized in making feminine and sophisticated shoes. But what sets it apart from the others is the quality of the finish on its shoes and the comfort of its soles, even on a 8cm heel. It was our starting point.

A workshop of around 30 people who master each step of shoe handmaking, while respecting local traditional know-how.

Each shoe we create is part of this know-how. It is reworked with purer, more elegant lines, to make it timeless. This way to work gave life to our first Assia babies, then to our Ruby block heel pumps.


Alicante workshop, Spain



« I work a lot with feeling. Being seen and welcomed as a team member more than a client is a significant point for me. »

For a young brand like us, finding the perfect workshop is often a challenge. A workshop with real know-how, which accepts to develop new products despite very small quantities. However, when we first met Juan in 2018, the feeling immediately passed, he gave us a chance, he trusted us.




« The shoe industry is very competitive. Good craftsmen are becoming increasingly rare. So we try to take care of our small team, to bring them a working atmosphere as comfortable as possible. To make them feel good with us. »

This is an important step for Juan. And, that’s something that we immediately liked. The workshop works in a family way. For Juan, enjoying life and taking time for yourself is as important as making quality shoes!




If you’ve been to Alicante before, you’ll know it’s very hot in the summer. Imagine the warmth of the afternoon inside the workshop with all the equipment. So artisans take the opportunity to arrange their schedules. They start their working day very early, and finish very early too.Giving them time to enjoy the sun, go to the beach, relax.



«It’s a very organized workshop, with permanent good surprise on finishing. A workshop that masters shoe making from A to Z, still performing each step by hand. These are important details for us. »

Based on the designer’s drawings, the workshop designs the pieces of leather making up the shoe. He then cuts each piece by hand.


The pieces making up the upper (top of the pumps, the mary janes shoes) are then sewn together, before being placed on a mold, different for each size. The mold makes it possible to reconstitute the volume of the foot, this is what will give the interior shape to the shoe, and will allow you to feel comfortable in it.

A craftsman then fixes the rod on a sole, called the spacer. The leather is then worked to soften it. After it, the mold is removed. The craftsman then adds the flexi sole, a light, ultra-flexible and very resistant rubber sole, then the heel.



Once this assembly is complete, the craftsman adds the final touch of comfort, an insole. This sole consists of a piece of leather on which a comfort cushion is glued.
Then Each shoe is checked, brushed, shiny, cleaned to guarantee a perfect finish.

The result. A shoe with a single heel, a perfect finish, an everyday comfort. In which it only remains to slide your delicate little feet into it.


Alicante workshop, Spain

Alicante workshop, Spain

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