Tuscany Workshop, Italy 

Florence and its region, Tuscany. A region with a bucolic landscape, cradle of leather work and shoe making for several centuries. The heart of the supply of raw materials for many luxury brands. The perfect place to find an artisanal workshop for our shoes.



« From my first visit, I immediately knew that I had found the know-how and the quality I was looking for for emzi shoes ».

Founded in 1979, by a couple passionate about footwear, our partner workshop was initially specialized in the manufacture of city shoes: brogues, loafers, ballerinas. Taken over for a few years by their sons, the workshop began to modernize its style, to develop new manufacturing techniques, new skills, while remaining attached to its origins.


Tuscany Workshop, Italy




« At most, our Workshop, which has 10 employees, can make 150 shoes in one day. A human rhythm, which we wish to preserve and enhance. »

Unlike many shoe making workshops, this atelier still works at the pace and the way of its ancestors. He produces in very small quantities, and is surrounded by other craftsmen, based less than 10 minutes from the workshop, who come to complete his know-how: a local tannery, a neighboring workshop which takes care of the leather pieces cutting and who masters traditionnal Tuscane leather braiding, all handmade, and, a craftsman who produces heels. This allows him to focus on making the footwear and assembling the shoe.

A traditional local, ethcial and collective manufacturing.




« A library of knowledge about shoe architecture, a natural knowledge of the finest Italian leathers and a real desire to share. From the first day, working with this workshop is a daily enrichment, which allows me to transform an idea into a unique shoe. »

From day one, this workshop has trusted us and helped us, hand in hand, to bring our shoes to life. All of our shoes are developed based on skills and models they master best. We rework them, modernize them and add a touch of femininity.

This gave life to our first heeled ballerinas, Giuline, to our first wedge sneakers, Nauc, and to our first interweaved sandals.

Thanks to their patience, after many tests, prototypes, these shoes were born, and over time they became, for many, our bestsellers. Appreciated for their great comfort.


Tuscany Workshop, Italy




« It’s important for me to keep daily contact with the workshop. To discuss small details, to make sure everything is perfect before a production, to feel close to them every day. » 

To make the footwear, the pieces of leather making up the upper (upper of the shoe) are sewn together. Reinforcements, buttresses and inner linings in leather are sewn or glued. The upper is then placed on a mold, reconstituting the volume of the foot, and fixed on a midsole, called spacer, thus making it possible to constitute the footwear.

The footwear then goes through a step, very important for our shoes, the softening of the leather, which gives it all its comfort.



The mold is then removed from the footwear, which is assembled with the bottom sole and the heel. Then, the craftsman adds in the shoe the leather insole, on which is glued a comfort cushion, thus finalizing the shoe.

The result. A timeless and unique shoe, an authentic finish. In which it only remains to slide your delicate little feet into it.


Tuscany Workshop, Italy 

Tuscany Workshop, Italy

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