émzi paris our commitments

When we launch a brand, we often respond to a personal need to follow a direction which represent us, without being able to how to define what it is. Then, season after season, the path start to become clear, to take sense and it becomes our commitments.


Favoring Human Touch

We choosed to work only with family workshops on a human scale, which have been manufacturing shoes by hand for more than 2 generations and which are based in Spain and Italy. Each workshop has been selected for one or more specialties.
The Spanish workshop is based in the Alicante region, which is known for high end shoe making. It is specialized in making comfortable padded soles.
Our Italian manufacturer is based in the Tuscany region, which is known for working with leather. It is specialized in leather softening and hand weaving.


Valuing handmaking know-how

We consider that manufacturing our shoes in these family workshops, still working by hand, and based in Europe, contributes to maintain the know-how of a recognized traditional handmaking skill and guarantee a justified salary for passionate handcrafters.


Make Shoes Designed to Last

To us, producing long lasting shoes means manufacturing comfortable shoes that go through years without aging. By using living materials such as real leather, which has the capacity to regenerate by simply applying cream or wax on it. But also, because of resistant rubber soles which we choose and which can be easily re-sown.

émzi paris our commitments


Produce in Limited Quantity

Because making shoes by hand requires a lot of work and meticulousness, we decided to produce our shoes in small quantities. So that our Handcrafter Partners have time to take care of the finishes and express their passion in each of your shoes, to make each one unique.


Sell ​​at the Right Price

At ÉMZI, the pricing policy has not changed from the start. We set our prices with a reduced margin, eliminating the middlemen and working directly with manufacturers.


Stay Petite-Friendly

Because being yourself is not a matter of size, we think all our shoes to be suitable for all feet, even the smallest, starting from size 33 (UK size 1).


Our daily work is to offer you comfortable and durable shoes at controlled prices. We consider that shopping should be an action which gives you pleasure. Not an impulse action.



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