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Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats

Ballerinas in supple leather available from Size 33. Handmade in a family-run workshop in Tuscany, Italy.
With luxury, long-lasting leather and ultra-comfortable soles.

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Perri Red

Perri Red

Price €158.33
Red ballet shoes with block heel and elastic 
Perri Black

Perri Black

Price €158.33
Black ballerinas with block heel made from soft leather
Perri Antico

Perri Antico

Price €158.33
Italian leather ballerina pump with elastic in nude

Bambie Classic Black

Price €150.00
Black Leather Bi-Material Pointed Toe Mary Jane Ballerina Flats with Buttoned Strap

Bambie Satin Green

Price €150.00
Green Satin Low Heel Mary Jane Ballerina Shoes with Pointed Toe and Buttoned Strap

Bambie Satin Royal

Price €150.00
Yellow Satin Mary Jane Ballerina shoes with Pointed Toe and Buttoned Strap
Bambie Linen Siena

Bambie Linen Siena

Price €141.67
Low heel pastel pink espadrille maryjane with pointed toe and buttoned strap
Morgane P.

"Hello, I just wanted to congratulate you 😉 I received the black Flavie mary jane shoes, they are sublime! "

Anaïs B.

"I find your shoes super beautiful and very comfortable. I am super happy with my pair of Flavie."

Alvina D.

"Hello, the shoes are perfect in size 35, I am delighted!
Another pair of sublime shoes."

Marie-Pierre C.

"Hello, I didn't have time to send you a little message to thank you..
I am extremely delighted with my charming golden mary janes.. they are like real slippers."

Laurence B.

"Hello, Just a quick note to let you know that I have received the pair of Flavie Dusty Rose, I am delighted, the quality is excellent, with perfect finishes and the packaging is very neat. Thank you very much."

Houda B.

"Order received today. Very happy with the sandals. Very comfortable, quality materials and finish!
I recommend !! Especially for small feet like me, who are desperately looking for shoes with heels!"


"They are awesome!
Comfortable and classy!"

Bertille C.

"They are so comfortable 😱😻"


"Perfect shoes ! 💗"



Ladies, allow us to share a secret with you: there's a shoe that perfectly combines elegance, comfort, and femininity. A shoe that will accompany you in your daily life as well as your special occasions, never failing you. That shoe is the ballet flat by Emzi Paris.

At Emzi Paris, we've made the ballet flat our flagship. Why? Because we're convinced that a woman should never have to choose between style and comfort. Our ballet flats are the result of unique artisanal craftsmanship, emphasizing the quality of materials and attention to detail. Each pair is a little marvel, designed to mold to the shape of your foot and offer you a feeling of lightness with every step.

But make no mistake, our ballet flats are not only soft and delicate. They are also resilient and durable, thanks to carefully selected leathers and meticulous manufacturing. With Emzi Paris, you're investing in a pair of shoes that will accompany you for a long time, without losing its brilliance.

So, are you ready to succumb to the timeless elegance of Emzi Paris ballet flats? Explore our collection and find the pair that suits you. Your stride will only become more graceful.

Ladies, it's time to awaken your fashion sense with the trendy ballerina shoes from Emzi Paris! We've taken this timeless classic and infused it with a dose of boldness and creativity for ultra-desirable designs.

Picture this: ballerina shoes that captivate all eyes with irresistible fashion details. You won't be able to resist our strap models, like the iconic Rey Leopard. This feline model in patent leather stands out with its adjustable double strap that hugs your foot for optimal support. The leopard print adds a touch of character to this comfortable and feminine ballerina, perfect with jeans or a little black dress.

If you prefer vibrant colors, indulge in our red ballerina shoes, such as our Perri Red model. This red nappa leather ballerina stands out with its square toe and 5 cm flared heel, subtly elongating the silhouette. A bold and feminine model that won't go unnoticed.

And if you're in search of originality, our gold ballerina shoes will charm you. The Perri Champagne, with its bright platinum hue and wooden effect heel, adds a touch of glamour to your outfits. Ideal for illuminating your looks from day to night.

With Emzi Paris, dare to step off the beaten path and assert your unique style. Our trendy ballerina shoes are here to accompany you.

Ladies, it's time to redefine your comfort with Emzi Paris Comfort Ballerina Shoes. With us, elegance and well-being merge seamlessly, for shoes that enhance you with every step.

The secret to our ultra-comfortable ballerina shoes? A perfect blend of artisanal craftsmanship and innovation. Picture softly padded insoles, leather as supple as a caress, cuts designed to embrace the natural shape of your foot... Every detail is crafted to offer you an exceptional walking experience, where comfort reigns supreme.

With Emzi Paris Comfort Ballerina Shoes, let yourself be carried by an unparalleled feeling of lightness, from morning till night. Whether you're navigating professional meetings, going on a shopping spree with friends, or preparing for a glamorous evening, our shoes accompany you with remarkable ease. Designed to adapt to your pace, they provide unparalleled comfort at every moment. You can stroll through the city with grace and confidence, never having to sacrifice your comfort for the sake of elegance.

And because self-confidence also comes from comfort, our ballerina shoes perfectly combine style and well-being. With their sleek lines and meticulous craftsmanship, they highlight the natural beauty of your foot, for a graceful stride in all circumstances.

Ladies, don't settle for ordinary shoes anymore. Choose the Emzi Paris experience, and discover the epitome of comfort and elegance united. Let our ballerina shoes transport you to new horizons, where every step is a renewed pleasure. Ready to succumb to the temptation of ultimate comfort? Emzi Paris Comfort Ballerina Shoes await you for an unforgettable experience.

Are you in search of a pair of ballerina heels that combine style and practicality? Look no further, Emzi Paris' square heel ballerina heels are the answer to your needs. Crafted with passion and expertise, these shoes embody the essence of femininity and Italian elegance. At Emzi Paris, we are dedicated to creating designs that adapt to your lifestyle while enhancing your silhouette on any occasion.

Picture a busy day, juggling between professional meetings and outings with friends. You need a pair of shoes that can accompany you with style and comfort throughout the day. That's exactly what our ballerina heels offer you. With their stable 5 cm square heel, you can sport an elegant look without compromising on comfort. Say goodbye to pains from too high heels, and embrace femininity with ease.

Our ballerina heels complement all your outfits, from casual to dressy. Whether you wear them with jeans and a t-shirt for a chic casual look, or with an evening dress for a special occasion, they always bring an elegant touch to your outfit. With or without lace-up straps, our ballerina heels will highlight your unique style and personality.

At Emzi Paris, we believe true beauty comes from within. That's why we pay special attention to the quality of our materials and the finishing of our shoes. We select fine leathers and refined colors, emblematic of Italian craftsmanship, to offer you ballerina heels that will stand the test of time. Your comfort is our priority, and we ensure that each pair is designed to perfectly fit the shape of your foot.

By choosing Emzi Paris' square heel ballerina heels, you're opting for a pair of shoes that will be your everyday ally. Their exceptional comfort and timeless elegance make them a wardrobe essential. Don't wait any longer to find the pair that suits you and let yourself be seduced by the charm of square heel ballerina heels. Treat yourself to the luxury of simplicity and femininity, and assert your unique style with Emzi Paris.

At Emzi Paris, we have an obsession: leather. And more specifically, soft leather. This noble material is the starting point for all our creations, chosen for its softness, durability, and timeless elegance.

Our soft leather ballet flats are a true ode to artisanal craftsmanship. Cut and assembled by hand, they benefit from meticulous attention at every stage of their production. The result? Exceptional shoes that combine aesthetics and quality.

Soft leather offers unparalleled comfort, molding to the shape of your foot like a second skin. Over time, it develops a beautiful patina for a unique effect, a sign of a shoe that lives and evolves with you.

Easy to maintain, our soft leather ballet flats will gracefully traverse the seasons without losing any of their initial brilliance. A lasting investment for all women seeking shoes that are both trendy and timeless.

Indulge in the softness and refinement of Emzi Paris' soft leather ballet flats. Your style will only be more remarkable for it.

Ladies, get ready to succumb to the grace of Emzi Paris pointed ballet flats. These iconic shoes, a true symbol of French elegance, have been reinvented by us to combine femininity and comfort with unprecedented audacity.

Imagine ballet flats that enhance your silhouette with every step. Their secret? A delicately tapered toe that elongates your leg with remarkable subtlety. Like magic, your walk becomes more graceful, your posture asserts itself, and your look is adorned with an irresistible aura of sophistication.

At Emzi Paris, we have elevated the art of the pointed ballet flat to the level of true craftsmanship. Each pair is crafted with passion in exceptional leathers chosen for their unparalleled flexibility and durability. When you slip into a pair of Emzi Paris, you discover the unique sensation of a second skin that molds to the shape of your foot with astonishing precision. Comfort and lightness combine to offer you an incomparable walking experience, where each step becomes a celebration of your femininity.

And because elegance transcends all times and moods, our pointed ballet flats come in a dazzling array of colors. Neutral tones, like deep black or delicate beige, will be your unwavering allies for a chic and sophisticated look on all occasions. Dare to also explore vibrant colors, such as passionate red, sunny yellow, or enchanting emerald green, to add a touch of character to your outfits and turn heads as you pass by. And for those who wish to embody sweetness and romance, indulge in powdery shades like delicate pink or sensual nude, which will enhance your femininity with infinite grace.

With Emzi Paris pointed ballet flats, you're not just choosing a shoe. You're opting for a true jewel of comfort and elegance, designed to accompany you in all the key moments of your life. Whether you wear them during a marathon day at the office, a romantic dinner for two, or a city getaway with friends, they will be the highlight of your look, the charm that makes all the difference.

Ladies, it's time to succumb to the enchanting call of Emzi Paris pointed ballet flats. Let yourself be seduced by their sleek lines, absolute comfort, and resolutely modern allure. Dare the tapered elegance, and discover the exhilarating sensation of walking in the footsteps of the greatest style icons. With Emzi Paris, you're not just wearing shoes. You proudly display your femininity, with the grace and audacity of today's women.

Ladies, it's time to unleash your style! If you're on the hunt for a pair of ballet flats that stand out from the crowd, look no further: our Rey Leopard model is perfect for you.

This bold pair of Mary Janes stands out with its leopard print, as wild as it is chic. The animal print, a timeless classic in fashion, adds a touch of originality to this comfortable and feminine shoe. Dare to embrace the feline print, and inject some character into your everyday looks.

But our Rey Leopard model has more than one trick up its sleeve. Crafted from textured patent leather, it features a round toe and a thick heel for optimal comfort. Its two adjustable straps delicately wrap around the foot, accentuating the femininity of your stride. A clever blend of glamour and practicality, for a result that's irresistibly seductive.

Don't be afraid to showcase your personality with these leopard print ballet flats. Paired with raw denim and a white t-shirt, they'll add a touch of originality to a casual look. Worn with a little black dress, they'll reveal your wildest side for an unforgettable evening.

So, ready to unleash your feline essence? Succumb to the wild charm of our Rey Leopard model, and let your personality roar with pleasure.

Attention, women of character: Emzi Paris red ballet flats are here to make your heart beat faster. If you're looking for shoes that leave no one indifferent, our scarlet models will fulfill your desires.

Red, the color of passion and boldness, takes center stage on our ballet flats for a most seductive result. Fall for our Rey Red model, a pair of patent leather Mary Janes in a flamboyant hue. Its double adjustable straps bring a touch of originality, while its round toe and thick heel ensure your comfort. A shoe that won't go unnoticed, perfect for women who love to be noticed.

If you prefer a more classic look, our Perri Red ballet flat is made for you. In red nappa leather, it stands out with its square toe and flared 5 cm heel, which elegantly elongates the silhouette. A timeless model that pairs well with both a pencil skirt and slim jeans.

Dare to wear red, and let your personality shine through your shoes. Red ballet flats add a touch of character to every outfit, from the most casual to the most dressed up. They are the exclamation point of your look, the accessory that underscores your boldness and femininity.

Don't be afraid to show your passion with Emzi Paris red ballet flats. Put them on and conquer the world with confidence.

Timeless, classic, essential: black ballet flats are every woman's ally. At Emzi Paris, we've reimagined this timeless classic to bring a touch of modernity without losing its eternal elegance.

Our Perri Black model perfectly embodies this intention. These nappa leather ballet flats stand out with their clean-cut design and elastic, delicately wrapping around the foot for optimal support. Their square toe and flared heel add a touch of character to this timeless model, easy to wear every day.

Because that's the strength of black ballet flats: their versatility. They pair well with every outfit, from casual to dressy, even in the office wardrobe. A true Swiss Army knife for your wardrobe, accompanying you on all occasions.

With a pair of Emzi Paris black ballet flats on your feet, you're not just adopting a shoe. You're choosing a state of mind, one of casual elegance. A chic and timeless look that transcends seasons and trends without aging.

So, are you ready to succumb to the eternal elegance of our black ballet flats? A choice you won't regret.

With the arrival of sunny days, we long for light and luminous shoes. White ballet pumps are the perfect companions for your summer outfits, bringing a breath of freshness with every step.

At Emzi Paris, we've reinvented this timeless classic with our Rey White model. These white leather Mary Janes stand out with their double adjustable strap, delicately enveloping the foot. Their rounded toe and chunky heel ensure optimal comfort to accompany you throughout the day.

White, symbolizing purity and lightness, adds a touch of casual elegance to all your outfits. Paired with a floral dress, white ballet pumps embody the essence of summer. Worn with raw denim, they bring a touch of freshness to a casual chic look.

Thanks to their neutral color, white ballet pumps easily complement all pieces in your wardrobe. A true charm asset that will not leave you throughout the season.

So, are you ready to succumb to the freshness of Emzi Paris white ballet pumps? Slip them on and embark on the conquest of summer with lightness.

Like a ray of sunshine at your feet, gold ballet flats illuminate every outfit. At Emzi Paris, we've envisioned the Perri Champagne, a shoe as precious as a glass of sparkling bubbles.

This golden leather ballet flat unfolds its charms like a jewel capturing light. Its delicate platinum hue surrounds the foot with a precious aura, while its wood-effect block heel adds a touch of modernity. The Perri Champagne is a treasure trove of craftsmanship and elegance, to be embraced without delay.

Easy to wear, it pairs just as well with a little black dress for an evening out as it does with jeans and a shirt for a casual chic look. With its cushioned insole and 5 cm heel, it offers optimal comfort, allowing you to shine in every situation.

With Emzi Paris gold ballet flats, bring a touch of magic to your wardrobe. A precious pair that will undoubtedly attract all eyes and light up your steps.

Surrender to the subtle brilliance of the Perri Champagne, and let the magic unfold. Your feet will thank you.

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